NVK Nederlandse Vereniging voor Kristallografie, Werkgroep Eiwitkristallografie

protein meeting III

23 May 2000
Nijenborgh 4, Groningen
10.30 Coffee
11.00 Andy Mark Thunnissen (Groningen)
" Transglycosylases"
11.30 Clasien J. Oomen, P Hoogenhout, A. Bonvin, B. Kuipers, L. van Alphen, Jan Kroon and Piet Gros (Utrecht)
"Rational structure-based design of a peptide-vaccine against N. meningitidis"
12.00 Meindert H. Lamers, Anastassis Perrakis, Jacqueline Enzlin, Herrie H. K. Winterwerp, Niels de Wind and Titia K. Sixma (Amsterdam)
"The crystal structure of MutS binding to a G:T mismatch shows a clamp embracing bent DNA"
12.30 Lunch
13.30 David Leys, Backers, K. and Van Beeumen, J. (Ghent)
"Crystal structures of SHP, an oxygen-binding cytochrome c"
14.00 Koen Verschueren, Garib Murshudov, Eleanor Dodson and Tony Wilkinson (York)
"The structural basis of the dual-function mechanism of the LysR-type transcriptional regulator, CysB"
14.30 R. Meijers, R.J. Morris, H.W. Adolph, A. Merli, V.S. Lamzin and E.S. Cedergen-Zeppezauer (Hamburg)
"Enzymatic Activation of NADH"
15.00 Tea
15.30 Eric G. Huizinga, Barend Bouma, Martijn van der Plas, Roland Romijn, Arie Schouten, Jan J. Sixma, Jan Kroon and Piet Gros (Utrecht)
"Structures of von Willebrand Factor A-type domains, mediators of platelet adhesion"
16.00 Anke Terwisscha van Scheltinga, Karin Valegård, Janos Hajdu and Inger Andersson (Uppsala)
"Cephalosporin C synthase"
16.30 Drinks!
  Dinner for those interested at own cost

The meeting is open for anybody interested. Inquiries can be made with Esther Brouwer, Tel 050-3634378, e-mail : Biofys@chem.rug.nl

Costs: NVK members: fl 15.00, non-members fl 25.00, Please inform Ms. Esther Brouwer of participation before Thursday, May 18th , as well as plans to join in the dinner.

The meeting is sponsored by Bruker Nederland NV and Nonius BV.