NVK Nederlandse Vereniging voor Kristallografie, Werkgroep Eiwitkristallografie

Program NVK protein meeting 25 September 2003

Bruker/Nonius, Oostsingel 209, Delft

10.00 Coffee
10.30 Shizuko Tsuji, Eric G. Huizinga (Utrecht) "Regulatory elements of von Willebrand factor for binding to platelet glycoprotein Iba"
11.00 Remy Loris (Brussel) "Structural basis of plasmid addiction and programmed bacterial cell death in bacteria".
11.30 Bram Schierbeek (Delft) "More accurate data : Higher I and lower sigma"

12.00 Lunch (Group leaders meeting)
13.00 Tour of the Bruker/Nonius site

13.45 Gert Vriend (Nijmegen) "Validation"
14.15 Raj Pannu (Leiden) "BP3, the program"
14.45 Patrick Celie (Amsterdam) "Ligand binding to AChBP"

15.15 Tea

15.30 Thomas Barends (Groningen) "A rare case of merohedral twinning in P21 obscured by pseudo-translational NCS"
16.00 Gerard Kleijwegt (Uppsala) "The Uppsala Electron Density Server - Where seeing is believing"

17.00 Drinks

Dinner in "San Marco", for those interested, at own cost.

The meeting is open for anybody interested. Inquiries can be made with Titia Sixma Tel 020-5121959, e-mail : t.sixma@nki.nl; The meeting is sponsored by Bruker Nonius BV.

Costs: NVK members: € 8.50 , non-members € 15.00,
Please inform Titia by e-mail of participation before Thursday, September 18th , and including whether you plan to join dinner.

Report of the meeting