NVK Nederlandse Vereniging voor Kristallografie, Werkgroep Poederdiffractie

Poederdag 12 december 2008 te Amsterdam

“Diffractie steeds sneller/Diffraction ever faster”


10.15-10.40 Ontvangst en koffie
10.40-10.45 Inleiding door de dagvoorzitter, F. Tuinstra
10.45-10.50 Welkomstwoord door Pauline Jäger, Avantium Technologies
10.50-11.25 J. Mazurek, Avantium Technologies
RD lab for screening and charcterization of active pharmaceutical compounds
11.25-12.00 J. Larsson, University of Lund, Sweden
Picosecond dynamics in semiconductors studied by time-resolved X-ray diffraction
12.00-14.00 Lunch en rondleiding
14.00-14.35 M. Tucker, ISIS facility, United Kingdom
Taking powder diffraction to its limits: The GEM diffractometer and neutron total scattering
14.35-15.10 L.A.I. Kestens, TU Delft
Electron backscatter and X-ray diffraction: complementary or substitutional techniques for measuring the crystallographic texture?
15.10-15.40 Koffie/thee
15.40-16.05 M. Fransen, Panalytical, Almelo
We created the monster: ultrafast detectors and their influence on powder diffraction
16.05-16.30 K. Knorr, Bruker AXS, Delft
Quantitative XRD phase analysis in Minerals & Mining: Aluminum
16.30-16.35 Sluiting door de dagvoorzitter
16.35-18.00 Borrel